Dopples can be very tricky sometimes unless you have the right class. They come in as level 20's, 40's, 60's, 80's, 100's, 120's, 140's, 160's, 180's, 200's.

Unless you are an agil Cra, or Osamandos, or Enisprin, or Enutrof, you want be able to survive long especially if your facing an Osamandos dopple they spam tofu's like never before.

Now for agil Cra's you should just use plaguing arrow since it can attack through walls which is an advantage because you can use it twice per turn or three times if you have 9 ap aslo u retreating arrows to do double dmg on them when they are in your line of sight.

Osamandos should spam tofus every turn just like the dopple and when u get close enough summon a gobball with toady to protect it from the dopple's tofus and gobball.

Enisprins should just heal when they have 50% hp left so then you never die.

Enutrofs should just cast living bag when possible like the dopple its really hard to kill the Enutrof dopple when it has living bag out and u cant reach the dopple.

Leveling guide


Dragon Turkey

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