Dragon Pig Dungeon.

&nbsp Dragon Pig Dungeon is found inside The Dragon Pig's Maze at (-1,33), in room 13.


Entry requires giving a Dragon Pig Maze Key and a Dragon Pig Den Key to Fwed, both of which are consumed.


Mobs may vary, though they will always have the same number of monsters. Challenging is possible.

[1]Room 1

[2]Room 2

[3]Room 3

Room 4EditEdit

Empty. Just leads you onto room 5.

[4]Room 5

[5]Room 6

[6]Room 7

Room 8EditEdit

Empty. Just leads you onto room 9.

[7]Room 9

Room 10EditEdit

Empty. Just leads you onto room 11.

[8]Room 11

Room 12EditEdit

Empty. Just leads you onto room 13.

[9]Room 13


There is no guaranteed reward for completing the Dragon Pig Dungeon. It is however the only place to fight theDragon Pig and the Gorgoyle.

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