How to Breed a Dragon TurkeyEdit

To breed a dt (dragon turkey) you have to gather the fact that it has three moods agressive, alright and cheerfull.

The moods r within the -10,000 meter - 10,000 meter bar, if it is within the -10,000 - -1,000 area then it means it is agressive and you need to use the public paddock with a lightning bolt as a sign which means it needs stamina, and then -1,000 - 1,000 is maturity which has the symbol water so put it in the paddock with water as a sign, and then 1,000 - 10,000 it is love.

City Brakmar Bonta
Nearest Zaapi Pet Market Pet Market
Characteristic Breeding Items Coords
[1] Aggression (Lower Balance) Slapper In Wild-Cherry Wood (-32,38) (-38,-57)
[2] Serenity (Raise Balance) Patter In Wind Kwak Feather (-30,38) (-37,-57)
[3] Stamina Lightning Thrower In Wild-Cherry Wood (-31,38) (-38,-56)
[4] Maturity Drinking Trough In Wild-Cherry Wood (-31,37) (-36,-57)
[5] Love Dragobutt In Piglet Leather (-30,37) (-37,-56)
[6] Energy Manger In Wild-Cherry Wood (-32,37) (-37,-58)



Leveling guide


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